The Nordic Tour

Suur-Helsingin Golf – Luukki

We started off on Thursday the 30th of May with a round at Suur-Helsingin GolfLuukki. Luukki was in hinsight a good start, not too hard, with plenty of space.

Kytäjä – South-East

If Luukki at Suur-Helsingin Golf was a walk in the park, the South-East monster at Kytäjä Golf ended up to be more of an intervall training. Up and down, but with spectacular views. The course was significantly longer and harder, and that shows in the results.

Kytäjä – North-West

After the morning warm-up session we set course North-West for the afternoon. And the wind picked up and came more and more into play as we walked the shores of Kytäjärvi.

Vuosaari Golf

The final leg of the Nordic Tour 2019 was set at the links of Vuosaari. The narrowness of the fairways and the many blind shots turned out to be fairly hard for first-time players. It would surely have helped to have some more experienced Vuosaari-visitors paired up, now we were four rookies on the course playing in the same flight, which led to frequent ”where did it go” situations with lost balls as a result, hence also the no-scores.

All in all, I guess it is time to start planning the tour of 2020 soon.